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52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 14.1

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 13.1


Week No. 16

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 13.2

200th Post

Today marked my 200th post on this blog. I’m not sure if this should hold any significance but alas a small post. Originally I had an idea to write a post discussing where my photography has gone over 200 posts, what I’ve learned, what I’ve changed, etc etc. But I think a better use for a post is just to thank all of you. Not for the likes or notes of any kind, although those are always appreciated, but for being an audience, for choosing to be an audience, with whom I can share the photographs I enjoy. 

So very simply, thank you.


Week No. 15

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 12.1



Week No. 14

Unsure Temperment

Is that you in the recent picture? You're so attractive!

Asked by Anonymous

Haha, yes that’s me and thank you very much!

Harshest Critic

Portrait of a Biscuit


Week No. 13

Haven’t had an idea in a while