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I’ve recently updated my “professional” photography page to include my photographs of Louisville, KY in a series, generically, entitled ‘Louisville in Photos.’ I’ve debated whether these actually fit within an online portfolio like this site as it is intended to showcase photos for clients, of clients but ultimately decided to include them in my projects folder. They might not stay for long, even though I do like many of these photographs, as my main concern is that they distract or rather confuse what it is I’m offering to clients. But, for the time being, they do help pad out an otherwise small portfolio so perhaps to that end they are fulfilling their purpose.

Truthfully, this is an area I have no previous experience with so I would like to hear feedback from others who have put together a portfolio or site on how you’ve culled through your photographs and selected which ones to display to potential clients. 

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 6.2


Week No. 9

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 6.1

Busy Work


Week No. 8


52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 5.4 


Week No. 7

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 5.3 

Morning Trail

52 Portrait Project.


I’ve decide to start a new whole blog for my 52 Portrait Project (previously referred to as Project 52). I didn’t want these photos to get lost among other shots from this blog so I thought this might be a better route. 

If you’re interested please follow and if you’re around the Louisville, KY area and would like to be a subject for this project let me know as I want to be sure I have enough people lined up.

As always, thank you for following along


Week No. 6

D.A. Photography turned 1 today!

Well that’s certainly a surprise. 

52 Portrait Project Overflow,

Week No 5.2